Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sooooooooooo, here goes...I took my friend Sydney's advice and just now have become a blogger.
This could prove quite interesting since I'm really not a writer. I love to draw, paint with watercolors and am now working with polymer clay again. I saw an artist that did some fish on Polymer Clay Daily and I just loved her idea. In the past I have done watercolors of tropical fish and thought I could possibly go ahead and design some fat , pregnant looking, colorful tropical fish with some outlandishly georgous colors on them as I did in the watercolor painting that my grandaughter now has in her apartment. I'm working on it and will post some photos as soon as I learn how.

For now, this is a start...more comments will follow as soon as I get more things completed...I will also post some photos of my paintings as soon as my grand daughter Leah gets here to help me and show me the ropes.

I am feeling really creative this week...must be the full moon that Syd was talking about and also the fact that it's so damned cold I really don't want to do much more that sit in a warm place and play.

more later....

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