Monday, February 15, 2010


ohhhhhhhhhhhh... check out those hot lips, the dorsal fin and the georgous eyes..also notice the wine glass..yepper, it's for the story of 'WON FON FISCH.'

I've decided that we will call her she....

W.F.F. lives in the outer waters of Decker's Creek...she hangs out along the mossy banks and keeps her eyes and gills pealed for other unworthy kritters who try to call the creek their home. Her tale began with her humble beginnings in Anne's mind and resemble some of the fish that swim in the Lily Pond. She escaped a horrific fate by jumping off the hook of Anne's grandson Aaron's hook one day last summer while he and a friend were fishing. scared her to death..!!!...She almost became know as Filet-O..( you know Mc Donald's filet o'fish) and could have very easily ended up roasting on the end of a stick over a bonfire. She somehow found her way from Dunkard Creek down to Deckers creek via the Mon River ..quite a trip for a polymer fish...This is where she met the Friends of Decker's Creek and may someday become famous. More on her later.......

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