Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hi again..I figured since I'm sitting down at the computer, I may as well write some more...I did some rings that I fired in my new kiln..along with some charms that I made for my charm bracelet...I gave one to my Daughter for her birthday, and one will be going to the CHARMS FOR CHARITY project that our Pittsburgh Guild will be donating to , I believe we will be making a whole bracelet with a charm from each one of our members that wish to donate. There will be a PMC convention ..(that I will sadly miss) in July, held at Purdue University in Indiana, tickets will be sold and there may be as many as 30 or more bracelets that will be given as need not be present to win, so I intend to get me some tickets and take my chances on winning one of the charm bracelets that will be given away. Unfortunately some of the photos are blurry...I purchased a photography unit that was supposed to help with my photography...I'm thinking it's not the camera, it's me..for the most part, some photos come out great but some really should be deleted...ahhhh, I'll just post what I can and try to do my best to show some of my if only the camera will cooperate...........!!!!

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